1. Online order can be placed once the customer has obtained the customer/user id and login password.

  2. PT Dami Mas Sejahtera will provide the customer/user id and login password through email following online registration.

  3. Please provide accurate information for online registration.

  4. Accuracy of information provided is the responsibility of customers and PT Dami Mas Sejahtera takes no responsibility for any inaccurate information provided and reserve the right to cancel any order based on information provided.

  5. Once you have successfully login the first time please proceed to click on “profile account” button to change your login password;  click on the “change password”  in your account page to change password.

Standard Procedure Requirements for Order Germinated Seeds

  1. Requirements  For Various Catogories of Buyers:

    1. Individual <5,000 germinated seeds
      Full Address
      Full Name
      Copy of Identity Card
      Copy of land titles (Sertifikat Tanah / Surat Keterangan Ganti Rugi Tanah / Surat Keterangan Tanah / Surat keterangan Kepemilikan Tanah / Hak Guna Usaha)
      Letter from Kepala Desa to confirm that seeds purchased are for own planting and not for resale.
      *) For orders exceeding 5.000 buyers will be required to obtain and submit the original SP2BKS certificate from Directorate General of Estate Crops (http://ditjenbun.deptan.go.id).
    2. Company
      Full Name
      Profile of Company (Address must be the same as in the NPWP and SPPKP)
      Copy of NPWP
      Copy of SPPKP (Surat Pengukuhan Pengusaha Kena Pajak)
      Original SP2BKS certificate from Directorate General of Estate  Crops (http://ditjenbun.deptan.go.id).
  2. PT Dami Mas Sejahtera will inform customer once order is accepted. Such order will only be confirmed following down payment of ten percent (10%) of the total purchase price made by customer to PT Dami Mas Sejahtera.  Down payment is to be made not more than one (1) week after the letter of acceptance is issued; PT Dami Mas Sejahtera reserves the right to cancel order if such condition is not met.

  3. The delivery date of germinated seeds is to be agreed by both PT. Dami Mas Sejahtera and customer.  Customer should also make an advanced payment of fifteen percent (15%) of the total purchase price two (2) months before the delivery of germinated seeds  and the final payment of seventy five percent (75%) of the total purchase price is to be made one (1) month before delivery.

  4. Rules are set out in the agreement to be approved by both parties and seal after an advancepayment.

  5. Request for any change in the date of delivery should be made known by either customer of PT Dami Mas Sejahtera three (3) months before the date of delivery and both must mutually come to an agreement on the new delivery schedule.

  6. In the event the customer did not make the payments according to the schedule as listed above, all prior payments made would be forfeited and the order cancelled.

  7. The Dami Mas DxP germinated seeds are to be collected from the PT Dami Mas Sejahtera seed production unit.

  8. PT Dami Mas Sejahtera does not provide delivery service for the germinated seeds.

  9. The purchase order is considered completely done when all the germinated seeds have been delivered as specified in the purchase order.

Online Purchase Order

  1. To make an online purchasing order customer should log on to PT Dami Mas Sejahtera (www.damimas.com) using the registered customer/user id number and password.

  2. Acknowledgement of receipt of purchase order will be sent by email as registered by customer during the first registration.

  3. The acknowledgement is not the verification/approval of order but an acknowledgement of receipt of the purchase order.

  4. The acknowledgement of the receipt of the purchase order will be sent by PT. Dami Mas Sejahtera via email as soon as posible after “all documents are complete and in order”.

  5. For tracking the status of the purchase order please log on to www.damimas.com and click on “my order” menu after successfully logging in using the customer/user id and password.

  6. All required documents should be sent by email to sales@damimas.com or fax 021 3181323.

Collection of Germinated Seeds

  1. Dami Mas DxP germinated seeds are to be collected from the Seed Production Unit of  PT Dami Mas Sejahtera at Desa Beringin Lestari, Kecamatan Tapung, Kabupaten Kampar, Riau.

  2. The date of collection of the germinated seeds is to be mutually agreed upon by both parties. The delivery order for collection of the germinated seeds will be issued by PT Dami Mas Sejahtera once the SP2BKS certificate is received and all other necessary documents are in order.

  3. The original delivery order document is required for the collection of the germinated seeds.  Collection can be done by the representative of the customer but this must be accompanied by letter of authorization from the customer.