Introducing Products of Sinar Mas in Dayak Congress

28/07/2017 13:53:48

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID, PONTIANAK - PT SMART Tbk (Sinarmas Agribusiness & Food) has participated in International Dayak Congress in Rumah Radakng, 22-27 July, to introduce its upstream and downstream products. Sinar Mas has oil palm plantations in West Kalimantan. 

"During the exhibition, we have showed our high quality products such as fresh fruit bunches from Sinar Mas plantation as well as cooking oil, margarine, and cosmetics as our value added products," said Sales and Marketing Manager of PT SMART Tbk, Saistyo Agi Hendiwiyarto.

Hendiwiyarto said the oil palm investment in West Kalimantan should provide broader economic and social benefits to the local communities. Sinar Mas has various programs to improve local communities’ standard of living such as facilitating a sustainable palm oil training for its suppliers.

"We have also committed to provide job opportunities for the local residents. Therefore, most of our plantation workers are local residents," he explained.

To support the local communities, Sinar Mas makes use of local hand made products for harvesting or fulfilling other needs. "We prefer to use local tangkalan, a rattan and bamboo container, rather than plastic or manufacturing container to improve community income and to support Green Economy Program," added Agi.

Sinar Mas also encourages the local residents to establish their own  vegetable garden  in their surrounding area to minimize land fire risk and to improve food security through environment friendly agricultural practices.

Compost fertilizer is used as the nutrient sources. "Then, the vegetables will be harvested for self-consumption and for sale," said Agi.

Sinar Mas also concerns in preserving cultural values in West Kalimantan by supporting the International Dayak Congress 2017.

"We always ask employees’ participation in local cultural events such as gawai. We also involve some local tradition in our ceremonial events. Since Indonesian ethnic groups, includes Dayak, are rich in local wisdom," said Deputy Head of Kapuas Prima Coal, Bina Susanto.

Susanto said cultural conflicts can be alleviated as long as the local wisdom is appreciated and a good communication is maintained. Besides that, the investment can improve the peoples' standard of living.