ICOPE 2016 - International Conference on Oil Palm and the Environment

03/03/2016 09:34:16


The fifth International Conference on Oil Palm and the Environment (ICOPE 2016) will be held in Bali, from 16 to 18 March 2016.

ICOPE 2014, which gathered 450 participants from 20 countries, recognized the potential of palm oil to become a model of future sustainable agriculture.

Leaning on the success of its precedents, ICOPE 2016 will focus on the potential of palm oil industry to mitigate and adapt with climate change. Scientists, practitioners, non-governmental organizations, government institutions, small farmers, agro-industries… All concerned parties are invited to exchange opinions and possible practices for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

ICOPE 2016 will organize conferences, presentations, discussions, and debates on these following key topics:

·         How to reduce emissions from new development of oil palm vis-a-vis the High Carbon Stock (HCS) approach in forest conservation policies. The challenges facing smallholders and local populations.

·         How to reduce emissions in oil palm cultivation, with a special focus on fertiliser management.

·         How to reduce emissions from fruit processing, looking at the energy profile of mills, methane capture development and regulations.

·         How to increase carbon fixation in the oil palm agro-system with particular emphasis on soil carbon fixation and the huge potential of palm oil biomass production.

·         A special session to better understand how palm oil will benefit from the development of second-generation biofuel.

·         How oil palm can adapt to climate change in order to maintain its superior productivity.

ICOPE remains the major forum in which to highlight environmental issues and share experiences in order to identify solutions that will benefit the environment and the industry. More than ever, ICOPE 2016 aims to be the platform for innovation and where scientific approaches lead to viable alternatives that can be put into practice.