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26/03/2012 08:40:30

Performance of Dami Mas Sejahtera DxP

Dami Mas Sejahtera DxP seeds are renowned for their performance:

  • Earlier fruit production – initial harvest at 24 months after planting with a yield of 8-10 tonnes FFB/hectare

  • Initial Yield (3-8 years) average >26 tonnes FFB/hectare; in favourable conditions can easily achieve 36 tonnes FFB/hectare

  • Oil extraction rate of > 24%

  • Kernel oil extraction rate > 6%

  • Total oil production > 9 tonnes/hectare

  • Low levels of chimera or crown disease in the nursery and field

  • Adaptable to a wide range of environments

  • Planting density of 136 palms/hectare ensures maximum production

  • Dura contamination in the field < 0.1%.


Quality Control in Dami Mas Sejahtera DxP Seed Production

Dami Mas Sejahtera Seed Garden has achieved ISO seed production accreditation in 2004 and remains committed to the quality assurance principles with the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Dami Mas Sejahtera has developed and implemented a comprehensive system of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) that allow the manager to monitor all aspects of quality starting from the flower isolation through pollination and germination to the dispatch of the seed to the customer. To ensure that a high level of seed security and genetic purity is maintained, Dami Mas Sejahtera implemented a Bar Coding System since 2005 and Seed Printing System since 2009.


Standard Normal Seeds:

  • Plumula and radicle in the opposite direction

  • Length of radicle ≤ 2 cm

  • Color of plumula is ivory

  • Plumula more subtle than radicle


Dami Mas Sejahtera Commitment to Research and Development (R & D)

A combination of conventional and molecular breeding techniques, tissue culture and biotechnology employed in R & D work carried out by scientists at Plant Production and Biotechnology Division and SMART Research Institute (SMARTRI) ensures that the superior quality, competitiveness and sustainability of Dami Mas seeds are maintained for many generations to come.


Dami Mas Sejahtera Customer Support

PT Dami Mas Sejahtera provides customers with an effective and efficient after sales nursery services to ensure the yield potential of Dami Mas seeds is achieved.  As a sign of our good faith, PT Dami Mas Sejahtera makes provision for additional five per cent free-allowance seeds for all seed purchases.